August 27, 2018


Phyllostachys edulis, syn. Phyllostachys pubescens, Phyllostachys heterocycla var. pubescens — 毛竹 (máo zhú) — ไผ่โมโซ (phai moso), ไผ่ขน (phai khon) — Moso Bamboo — seeds from China — [BT1019] — seed supplier from China, seed distributor: Boonthammee Bamboo Garden

• seed harvest Aug. 2018, seeds [BT1019]
2 g: 6.50 US$
4 g: 7.75 US$
8 g14.50 US$
16 g25.75 US$
32 g48.90 US$
64 g: 92.50 US$
• minimum order quantity 2 grams (orders may escalate in 1-gram increments)
• estimated 550-600 bract-bearing seeds per 20 g [gram]

■ Height 10-15 m; culm diameter 6-12 cm; runner.
■ Widely distributed in China and Japan.
■ Moisture-retentive soil, full sun to partial shade, rather frost-resistant to -10 °C (-17 °C) was recorded, suitable for temperate and subtropical climates.
■ Shoots very delicious, one of the best bamboos used in commercial shoot production.
■ Culms suitable for construction. Plants used for widespread, tall visual screen, or as ornamental grove.

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► Seed germination record (test coming soon): 10 seeds [829] soaked in clear water for less than 5 h, then laid on moistened tissue paper in transparent breeding box, from 29 May 2015, 34-36 °C daytime highs, diffuse light, 24-25 °C night lows, atmospheric humidity >70%, the first seed began to germinate visibly on the 3rd day after sowing, and 6 seeds germinated by the 9th day. A germination rate of about 60% can be expected. The seeds of this species are susceptible to fungus, therefore one should not sow these seeds all together in a single box, and one should sow them at different dates, locations, and on different media. Seeds of the new harvest [846] [867] were tested in January and March 2016 respectively (test 160119 and test 160307), and results are similar. BT1019 in process testing.
► More information in Compilation of Bamboo Seeds.