March 12, 2017

DENDROCALAMUS BARBATUS — 小叶龙竹 (xiǎo yè lóng zhú) — ไผ่ซางเขียว (phai sang khiao) — SEEDS FROM CHINA — [BT1004] — SEEDS AVAILABLE

Dendrocalamus barbatus — 小叶龙竹 (xiǎo yè lóng zhú) — ไผ่ซางเขียว (phai sang khiao) — seeds from China — [BT1004] — seed supplier from China, seed distributor: Boonthammee Bamboo Garden

• seeds [BT1004] collected Dec. 2016, in stock 
2 g: 6.20 US$
4 g: 10.70 US$
8 g: 19.80 US$
16 g: 36.20 US$
32 g: 65.90 US$
64 g: 118.60 US$

• minimum order quantity 2 grams
(orders may escalate in 1-gram increments)
• estimated 320-340 seeds per 10 g [gram]

Habit of Dendrocalamus barbatus
(courtesy FMXG)

Culms of Dendrocalamus barbatus
(courtesy FMXG)

Dendrocalamus barbatus [641]:
Seeds (above), young seedling (below)
■ Height 15-20 m; culm diameter 10-15 cm; clumper; habit erect. Culm internode length 26-32 cm, culm wall thickness 2-2.5 cm.
■ In cultivation in southern China.
■ Easy growing, moist or moisture-retentive soil, full sun, known to tolerate a little frost (to -3°C was recorded), thus suitable for sub­tropical and tropical climates.
■ Shoots used for food. Mainly planted for commercial timber production. Culms used for construction, in China mainly for paper pulp and charcoal. Plants good for landscaping.

► Slideshow.
► Seed viability: Six months and longer under normal atmospheric conditions; one and a half year under storage at 1-6 °C.
► Seed germination records: (1), Seed placed in moistened coir dust 100%, in April 2011, atmospheric humidity >70%, coleoptiles emerged after 10 days, germination rate low (<40%). (2), Seed laid on moistened tissue paper, in April 2012, 29-35 °C day, diffuse light, 18-22 °C night, atmospheric humidity >70%, coleoptiles emerged after 9 days, germination rate very high (>90%). (3) Seed germination tests 140516, 140827: A germination rate of about 80% can be expected from 4 months old seeds.
► Seed germination [BT1004]: Result will be update soon.

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